Tips when having a pet or kids along for the taxi ride in WA

Are you planning a trip with your kids or pets or are exploring the possibility of riding along with your pets for the first time? A reputed taxi service provider will take the necessary precautions to keep you and the community safe. In addition to the road safety rules, the COVID-19 restrictions have made travel with kids or pets stressful. Following the restrictive COVID-19 and hygiene practices can be difficult for young children or animals. If it is interstate travel, then your kid needs to stay calm and entertained for a while. 

But even a short taxi ride with kids or pets can be stressful if not planned well. Families in Australia are now leaving behind the days of quarantine. So if you are now stepping out for a ride with your kids or pets, check some useful tips. 

What rules should I follow if travelling with pets or kids in Australia? 

‘For a 10-minute ride, do I need to carry the child car seat?’ ‘Can pets travel without a seat belt in Australia?’

The road rules differ across states for public transport and people travelling in private vehicles. For example, in Western Australia and Queensland, your kids do not need to be in a child car seat. Similarly, Western Australia allows pets to travel unrestrained. But you need to ensure that the pet is not blocking the driver’s vision. If your pet is an assistance animal, be sure to carry the necessary certificates.

In many states in Australia, the negligent parent and pet owners are liable for fatal consequences. 

Do kids need a COVID 19 test report if they do not have COVID 19 symptoms?

The COVID pandemic is an evolving situation. It is best to read up COVID 19 test-related rules right before planning interstate travel. Also, it would be good to find out in advance about the clinic for testing in your destination. Dusty roads and closed spaces can aggravate respiratory distress. Is your kid prone to breathing disorders? Then keep the contact details of a respiratory clinic or reputed healthcare professionals around the area. 

Since the quarantine threat is still there, parents need to be extra cautious. It is advisable not to risk using ridesharing services with young kids or pets in tow.

Essential elements of a travel first-aid kit for immediate medical care.

Most parents would agree that packing a first aid kit is necessary while travelling with kids or pets. If you are with a pet, make sure to carry immunization and other certificates for interstate travel. Remember, pets are also prone to travel sickness. One should never feed pets in a moving vehicle. Best to plan regular stops for feeding. Travelling with kids or pets requires extra planning and a cooperative driver. So let your driver know in advance that you have a pet or a young child with you. 

Is your cranky kid or hyper pet making you worried about long-distance travel?

Most parents and pet parents carry some toys or colouring books to keep children occupied. Fighting siblings and crying kids can distract the driver and cause accidents. So keep your kids engaged throughout the ride. It is better to pack a mesh bag with a travel kit and other essentials, even for short rides. Kids and pets have unpredictable moods. Keep extra poo bags, diapers, and snacks. You can’t just call for food delivery service on the ride! So plan.

Safety first! – Restraints for pets & child seats for your kids

Does your dog love to stick its head out of the window? Unrestrained pets moving around the vehicle can get into trouble or cause accidents. Remember, emergency brakes are common in taxi rides. Kids or pets that are not safely secured risk fatal injuries. Even in pet-friendly taxis, you need to take extra precautions. Keep your pet’s crate anchored to the taxi seat. A motor vehicle can heat up fast. A well-ventilated taxi may be the best choice for pets and kids.

If you have a kid with you, a seat belt or child car seat may not be enough. So for interstate or long-distance taxi rides, keep an emergency plan handy. Despite the best planning, you cannot predict all emergencies. But you can prepare for most of them. Taxibus understands how important pets are to their owners and we make every effort to make your pets feel comfortable during the long and tiring journeys on the route. Book pet-friendly taxi services in Perth from Taxibus today!