How to Travel With a Lot of Luggage but Little Stress

Travel and luggage go together like salt and pepper. It is very common for people to travel with lots of luggage, especially when they travel abroad. When you travel with bulky luggage, you cannot use public transport. What you need would be an airport taxi with plenty of space for your luggage.

Standing in a taxi queue at a major airport with heavy luggage in hand can be a pain. What you must do is book a taxi in advance. 

Normal taxis have limited space for extra luggage. They might also charge you extra for loading the excess luggage. Why go through all this tension and stress at the airport on arrival? 

Be wise and follow these pointers that help you book an airport taxi cab that is ready to transport you with luggage and all to your destination at nominal rates.

Travelling with lots of luggage and no tension from Perth Airport

All major airports like Melbourne Airport or Perth Airport will have airport transportation services. Yet, most of the airport taxis that you find do not have buggy space to carry extra luggage. Explore airport taxi options that have ample space for your luggage and book them in advance. Start by following these steps to book the right airport luggage taxi.

Big Boot space SUVs

The first thing you need to look for is a large vehicle with a separate luggage compartment or boot space to accommodate your luggage. Normal sedans might just have space to carry passengers and not plenty of luggage. Think of a maxi van if you have tons of luggage which you might have if you are shifting to Perth for good. Or else, look for an SUV with copious luggage capacity.

Experienced drivers

The next thing to look for in an airport taxi service is courteous, friendly, and experienced drivers. The driver must be helpful and assist in loading and unloading the luggage for you. He must also be a professional driver who does not demand tips. Bilingual drivers who can speak to you in your native tongue are good if you are an international travelling to Perth for the first time.

Affordable Price

Always get a price estimate beforehand from the taxi service you book. Check this price estimate with other cab companies and see if the rates are at par with the normal taxi rates. The exact price at the end of the trip should be only +10% of the approximate prices quoted. Make sure that the taxi company charges a flat rate and does not charge extra for the pieces of luggage. Choose a taxi company that offers reasonable prices for its rides.

Taxi booking

One thing that the taxi company must offer is quick online booking that allows you to book days in advance. This will help you avoid stress about hiring a taxi from the airport terminal. Also, make sure that the maxi taxi does not charge any cancellation fees if you have to cancel your trip suddenly.

Preferred payment

Does your maxi taxi accept debit and credit cards for payment? This is one thing you must confirm first.

Fast, one-tap bookings through cards are the norm of the day. People prefer to travel safely and go cashless by operating with cards. International travellers arriving at the Sydney airport or Perth airport can use only cards for paying for their cab services.

The taxi company you choose must accept payment through cards and major payment gateways. 

No luggage per person limit

Say no to an airport transfer service that has a luggage limit per person. international travellers always travel with many pieces of luggage. So do the domestic travellers who are on a holiday for they may have skiboards and hiking gear in tow. For such travellers, this luggage limit will not do.

Choose an airport taxi that is flexible to accommodate your excess luggage. 

Comfortable Ride

Always check if your airport taxi offers a pleasurable ride with all comforts for its passengers. Apart from air-conditioning and plush upholstered passenger seats, the taxi must have clean interiors. For kids, there must be a baby capsule or baby seats and booster seats for toddlers.

Book a Perth airport taxi that offers several vehicle options to choose from depending on your extra luggage. Book maxi taxis that offer larger taxis at standard taxi rates. Make sure that the cab you book is an accessible taxi service available 24×7 for airport pick up and drops. Have an amazing ride and travel stress-free in a Perth taxi with ample buggy space for all your excess luggage.