Benefits of Booking a 26-Seat Vehicle for Tour

One is solitude, two is company, and three is a group. Well, traveling as a group is always fun. So, more the merrier. 

This fun and frolic lasts only if the travel is pleasant and well-planned. For this, the first thing to focus on is to get an awesome vehicle for the tour. By awesome, one means a decent commercial vehicle like a trustworthy luxury bus. It must have ample space, numerous seats, and all amenities needed for a comfortable tour. 

On scanning the fleet of vehicles,  a 26-seater vehicle came across as the ideal vehicle for a tour. Its benefits are many as seen below.

The advantages of booking a 26-seat taxi vehicle for a tour

Type of vehicle

People.While traveling as a group for a corporate event or for a business conference,  the type of vehicle you choose plays a key role. You must choose a superior class of vehicle with cruise control for a smooth ride. 

You can think of a luxury vehicle like at stretch limousine but it can accommodate at best only 18-20 passengers. This means you have to organise 2 such vehicles. His will hike up the cost.

Instead, you can opt for a 26-seated limo bus if you do not want risk leaving out any. This 26 sweater limo bus is a minibus that can hold 20-30 people. It is compact,cosy, and chic with a limousine interior. It is perfect for a corporate travel tour.

Comfortable Seating arrangement

The next best thing in a 26-seater vehicle is the comfortable and luxurious passenger seat arrangement it has. The high-back, reclining, leather seats of the vehicle offer maximum support to your head and spine allowing you to lean back and enjoy the ride. The built-in seats have plush leather that allows you to sink into the couch in the lap of luxury. The comfy head rest and back seat allow you to recline conveniently without causing any neck or back aches. 

While traveling in a group, there are bound to be children. The 26 seater vehicle has convertible seat that can be altered to seat children.  It may also have belt-positioning booster seats or infant-only seats to seat babies or infants. For handicapped person, there might be a wheelchair too.

Ample seating space

The 26-seater has enough seats for a small group to occupy. It comfortably seats 30 guests depending on the model of the vehicle. 

Usually, a small business travel group has a maximum of 25 people while even the family group will have 20 members. More than this would become a crowd. So, this 26-seater is just right for a corporate or family group tours.

Luxury amenities

When you book an ordinary commercial motor vehicle, you cannot be sure that you will have all luxury amenities included. But with a 26-seater hire vehicle, you can be sure that it has an excellent music system with Dolby surround, LED Lighting, Restroom, etc.

Experienced driver

The other reason why a 26-seater vehicle is the best for group tours is the driver the vehicle comes with. They provide an experienced driver with a good driving record. They also offer an additional driver for long trips.


While traveling in a 26-seater, safety is the priority. The 26 seater has both adult seat belts and child safety seats. These seats are separate to avoid risks to both. All built-in seats have seat belts to prevent falling. The steering wheel has airbags that open up during a collision. The vehicle is equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and sometimes even an oxygen cylinder if necessary, for emergency purposes.

One look at the above benefits will tilt you in favour of a 26-seat vehicle for your tour. Take the right decision and book your vehicle from a reliable taxi bus service to get the best value for your money.