6 Benefits of Having a Baby Seat in Your Taxi

Your children are your most valued possessions. While traveling in a taxi, you must take all precautions for your child’s safety. The first thing to do to keep your child safe is to install child car seats.

In fact, U. S. has Car Seat Laws for traveling with children. These laws dictate that children traveling in vehicles use a booster seat until they are old enough to use the seat belt. All children under the age of 8 years or less than the height of 4’9” must use an infant car seat.

In the U.K Child car seats are a must till the child’s age is 12 years or until he or she is 4 feet 5 inches tall. Now that we know that child car seats are a must for taxi travel with kids, let us learn more about them and their benefits.

Advantages of using a child seat in a taxi

Avoid accidents 

However safely you may drive, you cannot predict road traffic or prevent accidents at times. On the other hand, you can take all safety measures to keep your baby safe in such a situation.  

The best way to ensure that your child suffers minimum injury in an accident is to use a child safety seat. This infant-only car seat has padding and cushioning to support the soft skull and tender spine of your child in case he falls. It has a protective shell to support the head of the baby. It is also secured to the seat with a belt. All these precautions are a must as your child’s body is not developed fully and the bones are still delicate. Padded car seat travel is the right way to travel in a taxi with infants.

Holding the child in place

Children are always active and restless. They jump up and down or move here and there even while traveling in a taxi. This can distract the driver or cause problems for the other passengers. The best way to hold your child in place in a taxi is with an infant car seat.

Prevent the child from slipping or sliding

A small baby cannot be secured to the passenger seat of a car with a seat belt. Due to their small size or height limits, babies tend to slide or slip off the vehicle seat if they are fastened with seat belts. Instead, if you use an infant seat, your baby will not slip or slide off. 

Avoid risk of injury

Fastening a child to a vehicle seat is not a wise thing to do. For one, the diagonal shoulder strap might cut his neck. Or this tether strap might press hard into the baby’s tummy. These might cause injury or make the condition of the baby worse. Avoid such injuries by using an infant travel car seat while traveling in a taxi.

Keeping the child safe while speeding

Your taxi does not have a reckless driver but there are times when he has to travel at 80-100 miles per hour to get to your destination on time. When this happens with children onboard, you must take double precautions. And that comes only with a belt-positioning booster seat for your baby.  This seat has snug straps and a lap belt that prevent the baby from being in an unsafe position  even while speeding.

Safety for you and the child

Some people think that they can protect their child best if they hold it in their lap and strap on the seatbelt. But, this is not a wise idea as your combined weight might restrain both you and the child from moving out in an emergency. 

If the child is given a  separate infant seat, it is easy to extricate the child in an emergency.

It is now clear that an infant car seat is beneficial on all counts during a taxi ride. 

Choose between an infant-only car seat or a convertible car seat that can be used even for higher age groups. You can use a forward-facing car seat with a harness inside or a rear-facing car seat. But while choosing a professional taxi service, select one that offers special child seats for taxi rides.Our trained taxibus drivers have experience in managing young and elderly passengers alike and we usually have room to spare on our fleet of taxis.